Religion… and the participation in political life

Submitted by munir on Tue, 07/09/2024 - 13:38

Questions are being addressed nowadays, stating: “What is your role in the Church, and what is the role of the clergy in general in the upcoming parliamentary elections? For this reason, the Cultural Committee of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, which is affiliated with the Latin Patriarchate in Tla’ Al-‘Ali, Amman, has held a panel discussion moderated by Dr.

Fr. Ibrahim Faltas reflects on Gaza schoolchildren’s future

Submitted by munir on Thu, 06/27/2024 - 10:54

These days, around 39,000 pupils in Gaza would have had to take their school-leaving exams. Like many other Palestinian students, like many other Israeli students, like many other students around the world. The graduation exam is important, it marks a stage in life, it is the transition to adulthood.

There would have been 39,000 students, but nobody can know who didn't show up for the exam because they are no longer there or because their body is still under the rubble.

The Film ‘Jesus Thirsts’ is like no other film

Submitted by munir on Tue, 06/25/2024 - 07:43

People watch films in general for entertainment, yet there are films that leave indelible and everlasting impressions upon viewers. Such films touch deeply on people's feelings towards various impressive aspects of life.


One of the most ever-renowned films is "‘Jesus Thirsts’ whereby"“viewers, often with tears in their eyes, have rediscovered a beauty in their faith that they had perhaps only glimpsed before. Many fallen-away Catholics and those outside the Church have shared how the film illuminated for them the very heart of Catholicism.”

Why do people buy demonic board games which are marketed as ‘Christian’?

Submitted by munir on Sun, 06/16/2024 - 11:18

In a world abounding with several types of evil represented in wars--which result in numerous forms of destruction to societies--that kill bodies, the world currently comes under the influence of certain demonic activities represented in certain practices that kill the souls and send people into a bleak abyss that has  no end.


Quarter a century of harmony… Churches and Christian institutions in the era of the King

Submitted by munir on Sat, 06/08/2024 - 17:04

In 2002, I was invited by the recently established Al-Hussein Ibn Talal University to speak at an international conference on the thought of King Hussein Ibn Talal. Several views, expertise, and studies were presented about the insightful thought of Al-Hussein, may his soul rest in peace. Today, marking the 25th anniversary of  His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Talal ascension to the Throne, I find myself also thinking about the development in the activities of Christian institutions during the period of this reign which is qualified by goodness.


Why does spiritual restlessness drive people to join the Catholic Church?

Submitted by munir on Sun, 06/02/2024 - 09:57

In modern time, as has been the case most of the time, people get deeply involved  in  endless chores of life, get engaged with various mundane luxuries to the point that they deliberately ignore the presence of the Divine Power that controls every minute details relevant to daily affairs.


People are regularly involved with concerns relevant to securing financial affairs, among others, to ensure a decent life at a time when turbulent affairs stand in the way and difficulties continue to emerge from time to time.


Ten years have elapsed since Pope Francis visited the Holy Land

Submitted by munir on Fri, 05/31/2024 - 15:14

Ten years ago, Pope Francis’ plane touched down in Amman, marking the 4th papal visit to Jordan and Palestine, in its capacity as a pilgrimage to the holy places. It was also the third visit during the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, who received at the same Amman Airport Pope John Paul II in 2000, Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, and Pope Francis in 2014.


The Holy Bible exudes a message of jubilation

Submitted by munir on Thu, 05/30/2024 - 09:54

Jubilation has been missing for a long time in the world, which has been suffering from intermittent wars associated with economic difficulties at a time when people live in a state of despair and fail to see a bright or promising future. Jubilation is the outcome of a state of stability associated with political, financial, and social satisfaction as well as meeting all tenets of a decent life. Jubilation is not only missing in turbulent countries, but also missing in the most advanced societies that boast scientific achievements in all walks of life.