Stop the massacre in Gaza!

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Following is the English-language translation of a text of an Arabic-language article by Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan Bishop Jamal D'aibes reflecting of the current situation in the Gaza Strip dated October 28:


After inflicting thousands of victims in Gaza, what will the number reach before the world demands a ceasefire? So long that the “civilized” world states that “Israel has the right to defend itself,” does this mean that the Palestinians are the aggressors? Are those living under the occupation are the ones who attacked the occupiers? Before I may be misunderstood, our position is clear in rejecting violence, not justifying it, as well as in defending justice, rights, and equality among human beings.


What pains first and foremost these days is what is happening in Gaza and the suffering of its people. Moreover, what also pains is the moral bankruptcy of the West in its view of humanity, which is not based on equal rights and dignity--with reference to  the stipulation of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948--but rather on the basis of race or religion. They grant rights to some at a time when they are not ashamed to deny them to others. The statements we hear that seek to show a false “equality” among people veil a condescending view towards a certain category of people. The West did not get rid of the colonial mentality of condescendingly while viewing the East. What we hear about the principles of “freedom and equality” does not apply to everyone, and we did not find the West moving to defend these principles throughout the long years of occupation of Palestine and the siege of the Gaza Strip.


I proudly say, I wish the West, which proudly refers to civilization, democracy, and human rights, would listen to the voice of wisdom and truth represented by Jordanian diplomacy, led with confident steps of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein. He is the one calling,  now and not tomorrow, to silence the voice of the infernal machine that kills Gaza and its good Muslim and Christian people; kills its hospitals, churches, and mosques, and not only prevent children from going to school, but rather blocks their right to live and rather in dignity.


Being pained and disappointed with the civilization of the 21st century, we say: “We believe in one God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth,” Who created all human beings in His own image and likeness, granting all of them sublime dignity and equal rights to life, justice, and the living in dignity. Today, we do not hesitate to say: Any acceptance of discrimination among people is an assault on what God wanted for them, which is to be brethren living in peace so that no one should hide behind religion to justify denying the right of others to life and dignity.


We neither distinguish between those whom God created equal, nor do we deprive anyone of the right bestowed by the Creator. If someone wants to distinguish between a victim and the other, between a human being and the other, then let this not be done in our name. Stop the killing, the forcible displacement, and starvation. Stop counting the numbers of victims; they have faces, names, and families.


Stop injustice, stop the massacre committed in Gaza, and stop the world's hypocrisy as well as its direct and indirect support for the war on our people in Gaza. The people of Gaza and the people of Palestine deserve to live a normal life like the rest of the peoples of Earth, to enjoy their lives with their children, not to bury them. Peace, tranquility, and justice are neither a gift from anyone, nor should they be so. They have the right to live their lives.


Let us pray for Gaza, and may our prayers become strength and light that turn into establishing truth and building justice.

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