Jordan: Our Lady of Peace Center… a manifestation of divine mercy

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People suffering from chronic diseases or disabilities urgently need organizations that exude divine love and care, as well as that could give a merciful touch leading to the extrication of all the ills of life and helping restore normal life.


The Universal Catholic Church has all the time acted in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Bible by caring for the homeless, feeding the hungry, and most of all helping alleviate the suffering of ill people by taking them by the hand to the shores of healing.


In Jordan, a renowned Catholic Center known as Our Lady of peace Center has over the years been extending such noble services to people with special needs by manipulating all possible efforts that would alleviate the suffering and restore people to normal life.


This center functions under the care and protection of Blessed Mary, the Mother of Lord Jesus Christ Who was incarnated to give hope to the hopeless people, heal the sick, and show the people the path leading to the Kingdom of God.


Our Lady of Peace Center for persons with disabilities was established in 2004 to respond to the high percentage of people with disability who were unable to obtain services at the public or private centers.


This center, affiliated with the Latin Patriarchate, provides free of charge daily service in a loving environment for those with disabilities, regardless of their religious, social, or financial backgrounds.


The services provided by the center vary from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, early intervention, prosthesis and orthosis, special education for children with Down syndrome, mental disability and autism.


Our Lady of Peace Center provides services to thousands of people with disabilities annually in its main center and its branches in Aqaba, Anjara, Zarqa and Mafraq. As it remains the largest and the only free of charge center for rehabilitation and special education in Jordan while bearing in mind that it has a great experience with people with disabilities, it provides for people with disabilities a better life by enabling their inclusion in family and society, as well as by helping them achieve themselves with the support of a specialized team that believes in the noble mission of the center.


Furthermore, it provides the best comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation in addition to special education services for persons with disabilities in a charitable manner regardless of race, color, and religion as well as to educating people about the issues and rights of persons with disabilities.


Our Lady of Peace Center will always remain a merciful haven for people with disabilities by opening the doors for a bright and a fruitful future.

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