Humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Submitted by munir on Wed, 10/18/2023 - 11:37

The tragic explosion and dangerous escalations in the Palestinian territories are the inevitable consequences of the absence of a fair political solution to the Palestinian issue, which has resulted in the ongoing humanitarian disasters.


In light of the perilous developments in Gaza and its surroundings, it is imperative to stress that there can be no lasting peace or security in the region without a just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His Majesty King Abdullah has consistently reaffirmed Jordan's unwavering stance on the Palestinian cause, vigorously defending their interests and their just struggle.


The international and Arab communities must urgently mobilize to bring an end to this period of human suffering, protect civilians and halt the violations of international laws, violence and escalation, before it becomes too late to mitigate the consequences of these events on the region and the world.


Innocent civilians must be treated with respect, safeguarded and never used as human shields. 


Schools and hospitals should never be targeted. Immediate humanitarian access to Gaza is of utmost importance to provide water, medical supplies, food and fuel to those in need.


I am highly optimistic about His Majesty King Abdullah's European tour and his commendable efforts to garner international public support and advocacy in order to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza and bring an end to the conflict, thereby averting this catastrophic humanitarian crisis and preventing a new cycle of violence.

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