Human insanity in Jenin and Stockholm

Submitted by munir on Thu, 07/06/2023 - 12:35

Yes, people get infected with multi-faceted cases of insanity associated with trivial justifications. We often become surprised that matters drift some people to low levels of humanity while turning in a blink of an eye into painful brutality. However, what hurts more is the support expressed by many people to such  practices while referring to them as “moral deeds”.


We nowadays see the effective topsy-turvy of the marriage and family institution and the promotion of same-sex unions as a of human “right”. Numerous demonstrations have been taking place in the streets of the world with the participation of millions of supporters of “same-sex marriage”. It is a modern trend that turns the sanctity of family and marital life upside-down.


However, what has been happening in Jenin in terms of violating human life is much more heinous. This prompts directing international and humanitarian attention towards what is taking place because it snowballs into killing innocent people apart from being Arabs and Palestinians who found themselves living in the prison of the occupation which seems to be eternal. The soldiers blow up buildings and forcibly drove residents out of their homes. We have received horrific pictures of the explosions that wreaked  havoc in the Latin Church in Jenin which is a manifestation of the suffering experienced by the entire Palestinian people in the pain, resistance, and standing up in the face of the occupation in light of the growing international silence as well as the absence of any real and just peace plan. The bombed Jenin Church is a manifestation for Christian Arab participation in the Arab land which is full of suffering experienced by its people with hopes for salvation. The nearby Zababdeh Church and the Burqin Church announced the opening of their doors to receive the displaced brethren from Jenin. The Latin Patriarchate also condemned the targeting of its church in Jenin, and marked the issue as being part of a plan to target the entire Palestinian people, including the  Christians.


May God have mercy on the martyrs, heal the wounded, and extricate Palestine from the cruel and record-breaking occupation which must serve as the international community a priority designed to reach a solution in lieu of getting involved in secondary issues.


We proceed from the insanity in Jenin to the insanity expressed in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. It is  an event that keeps recurring with a deranged person whose brain is occupied with thoughts of hatred, fame and the exclusion of others--who is no different from the church bombers in Jenin-- and who exposed his seclusion and  anger by burning a copy of the Holy Quran in a way viewed as the  most insulting act against religions that involves a violation and desecration of sanctity and harmony among human beings.


Most of the Churches of the world and every honest person have condemned this individual and cowardly act that few people in the world brand it as freedom of expression. It manifests turning the mind upside-down and inundating freedom with an absolutely intolerable burden.


We shed tears over this world that makes us weep and laugh at the same time. Yet, we do not give in to evil and false freedoms. We will remain, God willing, calling for respecting the sanctity of life and of holy books as well as other religious symbols, as whoever violates them under the pretext of freedom is merely a prisoner of mind and conscience.

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By Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader :