The anniversary of the Nativity of Blessed Mary marks the rebirth of mercy

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September 8 is a feast celebrated every year marking the Nativity of Blessed Mary. It is a day that made a radical change in the course of life in the world as it unveiled the birth of the noblest and most sublime person ever Who was chosen by the Almighty Lord to give birth to the Savior of the world. Blessed Mary is often referred to as Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady, Holy Virgin, Star of the Sea, Queen of Heaven, and Cause of Our Joy among others.


Saint Augustine had connected Mary’s birth with Jesus’ saving work. He tells the earth to rejoice and shine forth in the light of Her birth. He says, “She is the flower of the field from Whom bloomed the precious lily of the valley. Through Her birth, the nature inherited from our first parents is changed.”


Blessed Virgin Mary was born without the stain of original sin. She was preserved from experiencing fallen human nature through the gift of Her Immaculate Conception. It is also important to remember the role that Blessed Mary has in the story of salvation, as the Lord manifested Himself in the flesh by dwelling among us. Furthermore, Her faith and total commitment to God allowed all of that to happen. When the Archangel Gabriel came to Her at the moment of the Annunciation, it was Mary’s resounding ‘Yes’ to God which brought unto us the salvation of God, in the person of Our Lord and Savior, namely Jesus Christ.


According to tradition, Mary's parents were barren until the Almighty God answered their prayers. Early reports indicate that a man named Joachim was saddened at not being able to conceive a child with his wife, Anne. He was exceedingly grieved and did not come into the presence of his wife. He retired to the desert, and there pitched his tent, and fasted for forty days and forty nights, saying in himself: I will not go down either for food or for drink until the Lord my God shall look upon me, and prayer shall be my food and drink.” Similarly, Anne prayed to the Lord, saying: "O God of our fathers, bless me and hear my prayer, as You blessed the womb of Sarah, and gave her a son Isaac.”


In the midst of Her prayers an angel appeared and said, “the Lord has heard your prayer, and you shall conceive, and shall bring forth; and your seed shall be spoken of in all the world.” At the same time an angel appeared to Joachim, saying, “Joachim, Joachim, the Lord God has heard your prayer. Go down hence; for, behold, your wife Anne shall conceive.”


This account echoes several stories in the Old Testament, where couples were barren until they cried out to God. Angels are often the bearers of good news to them, proclaiming that they will bear a child. Yet in this case, instead of a boy, the announcement is a girl Who “shall be spoken of in all parts of the world.”


As the entire world celebrates the Nativity of the Mother of God, it is important to realize that She is the greatest saint ever and the holiest daughter of God our world has ever known.


Blessed Mother Mary, Your conception was immaculate and your birth was glorious. You were conceived without sin, born without sin, and remained sinless throughout your life. In Heaven, you radiate the beauty and splendor of God and will do so for all eternity. Pray for us, that we will more fully imitate your innumerable virtues, so that we can be a fitting instrument of your divine Son in the world. Amen

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