Why does Russia look forward to speaking with Pope Francis about war in Ukraine?

Submitted by munir on Mon, 10/31/2022 - 18:42

Press reports have indicated that Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that the Russian government is willing to talk with Pope Francis to find a solution to the war in Ukraine.


He added during a daily telephone news conference on October 25, 2022: “We are willing to discuss all this (the situation in Ukraine) with the Pontiff.”


The Russian official position on seeking His Holiness Pope Francis' views or rather possible mediation to help end the war or find an acceptable solution to the current  impasse--which has  snowballed into endless miseries to the Ukrainian people and to the world at large--reflects acumen, farsightedness, and sanity.


The intention to manipulate Pope Francis' sagacity, perspicacity, and wisdom in this affair is quite reasonable and logical for wherever he goes, he sets in a divine logic which stipulates that peace is the only available option that preserves the integrity, dignity, and well-being of peoples. Peace is not man-made but definitely a divine message that needs to be pursued all the time.


Since the outset of his papacy, His Holiness Pope Francis has opted for dedicating his efforts, among others, on extending a helping hand to several world countries that suffer from turbulences, chronic problems, and instabilities either by paying visits to these countries or by praying fervently seeking Lord Jesus' help and  mercy to instill peace and show world leaders the path to be followed to attain this noble objective.


A likely papal mediation in the Ukraine-Russia conflict will definitely bear fruit, save lives, and bring a bright hope for a better future for the suffering and displaced Ukrainian people. Such an opportunity should not be wasted as it serves to end the state of turmoil which has wreaked havoc.


It is to be admitted that whenever a problem arises in any part of the world, leaders refer to the Holy See seeking the discernment and enlightenment of the Pope, at a time when he  keeps world countries and peoples in his mind and heart through his prayers.


Pope Francis is not just an authority for Catholic Christians but rather an icon of peace for all peace-loving people. His nobility and sincere dedication to the divine message of peace needs to be emulated by all world leaders so that a world of peace and justice can replace all forms of evil.

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 By Munir Bayouk/ en.abouna.org