May is the month of Blessed Mary

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May is the Marian month.  It is a month to honor Mary, the Mother of Savior of the world, Lord Jesus Christ. It is the month to remember that Blessed Mary is not only the mother of Lord Jesus, but rather the mother of the entire of humanity. She is the mother of all people who lost their mothers as well as tgose who seek solace and motherly love.


In this month, Christians worldwide seek the love and protection of Blessed Mary at a time when they suffer from persecution as well seek Her help to end wars and violence worldwide.


It is important in this regard to quote His Holiness Pope Francis who has said, "To the Blessed Virgin, I present in particular the sufferings and tears of the Ukrainian people. In the face of the madness of war, let us continue, please, to pray the Rosary for peace every day.”


While greeting some 30,000 pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, May 1, Pope Francis said: “Today, we begin the month dedicated to the Mother of God. I would like to invite the faithful and all communities to pray the rosary every day during the month of May for peace.” He added, “My thoughts go immediately to the city of Mariupol, the city of Mary, that has been barbarically bombed and destroyed.”


Blessed Mary is the mother of the most noble and sublime Person Who ever lived on Earth. She is the mother of the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnated Word of God who came to our world to spread love, peace, mercy and lead the sinning humanity towards the gates of security by leading to the Kingdom of God.


The Holy Bible states that our great grandmother Eve violated the will of God which led to the expulsion from the Paradise which was intended for the happiness of human race. Since then, humans have been struggling to restore life and the status quo ante in the Kingdom of God but to no avail, until the time when Blessed Mary gave birth to a Savior who would stay with His followers all the time to guide them and take them by the hand to the shores of safety. Blessed Mary is a pivotal figure in the story of redemption. Through Her, the Word of God was made incarnate by the power of the Holy Spirit, thus leading to the salvation of human race.


It is a source of jubilation to note that Lord Jesus, the Son of Blessed Mary who died on the Cross to save humanity, rose from the dead. He is alive and available all the time to dress the wounds of humanity and nullify Satanic influence in daily life. It is also important to remember that Blessed Mary's love and kindness are always available to replace humanity's sadness with love, mercy, and hope.


During this month, it is important to address Blessed Mary saying, "Have pity on us Mother and heal the wounds of our souls, remove the sorrow and worries of our souls. Console us in our day of suffering and enlighten us by your wisdom. Show us your mercy, Mother and pray for us, turn our sadness into true joy. Fill our hearts with your sweetness and make us forget the miseries of this life. Be gracious to your children and do not allow them to be overcome in their temptations. For Hail Mary, full of grace, our Mother and Mother of our Lord, He is with thee.  Amen.

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