Majida El Roumi to sing hymns for poor children

Submitted by munir on Sat, 11/27/2021 - 10:56

For the first time, Majida El Roumi visits the blessed Jordanian land not to sing at a concert as usual--in Jerash, the Dead Sea and others places--but to sing hymns before Christmas celebrations in the wonderful land of baptism. She will sing the hymn, "Christ is born hallelujah." She will also say: “Go an visit them in their homes, their home suffer from poverty since they have nothing." Yet this time, she will say: "Go and visit them in their schools, classes, and take a look how the Corona has burdened them and their parents. There are among those who have left this world and left behind their orphaned children, namely martyrs of the Corona battle.


So, this noble lady will  visit our glorious land, the Holy Land of Jordan. She will visit the poor children in the schools of the Latin Patriarchate, and to say to them: Jesus is born, instill joy in their eyes, have them dressed in new clothing, and urge people to make unlimited donation.


Many thanks go from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in the Galilee to the  daughter of Halim Al-Roumi, the one who composed the tune of  anthem of the Jordanian Arab Army from Haifa in the 1940s. Now his daughter, who was brought up in a house of honor and original art has thought of our children with her gentle heart, and made those who pay the concert ticket, though its rate is exorbitant, convey permanent love and concrete recognition of the poor students attending the twenty-four schools of the Latin Patriarchate in dear Jordan.


These nonprofit schools, usually called pastoral and active before Jordan's centenary, have been presenting their noble services to all citizens without discrimination. These schools celebrate Jordan's centenary with the homeland and with its leader marking a centenary  dedicated to work in the land of love and harmony.


Many thanks go to Majida, whose father had called her “the voice of peace and of the future", as she leaves suffering Lebanon at a time when we join her prayers for the attainment of Almighty God's prosperity, flagrance, and harmony. She comes to us to give a free party, the day after the official ceremony, for the excelling children. We thank her for  visiting our holy places, since when she visits the Baptism Site she will convey good intentions and beautiful prayers to apply the principles in line with her capacity as UN humanitarian ambassador for love and peace.


Many thanks go to Fr. Wisam Mansour and the employees of the General Administration of the Latin Patriarchate Schools who had their students in mind, and worked hard to prepare an evening with the star of authentic singing to mark a centenary hymns titled, “On Earth Peace.” It is a sincere prayer for peace in the East and the world from the city of brotherly love, namely Philadelphia-Amman. It is an act of donation for the sake of poor children, so that they do not feel ashamed in front of their colleagues. The students in these schools are sons; they are friends of teachers, of directors, and of the Patriarchate. Majida's song “be my friend” is the mouthpiece of every needy student, which addresses those who attend the noble concert, saying, "be my friend  for I need the helping hand of my friend." The hands clap simultaneously for the loving Church to the Christmas tunes during which Majida El Roumi says, “When we cover hearts with hope, we will be in Christmas.”


Thank you, Mrs. Majda, UN humanitarian ambassador for love and peace, and we welcome  you in your second and benevolent country, Jordan as you stay in a country abounds with honorable people, friendships,  cordiality, and a good Arab citizen spirit. We say on this Christmas: Welcome in the Land of Baptism.


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Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader