Fr. Bader: “King’s Speech from the Throne entrenches Christian-Muslim Relations”

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Fr. Rif’at Bader, director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM) in Amman, has said that His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein’s Speech from the Throne brought to the light several important issues, and reinforced the Kingdom’s historical and religious status which has been prevalent for several decades.

In a statement issued by the CCSM, Fr. Bader said that His Majesty the King stressed that Islam is a faith of peace, tolerance, moderation, acceptance of the others and respect for the rights of all to live in peace and dignity, regardless of color, gender, religion or belief.

Fr. Bader continued that His Majesty the King’s reference to abstention from religious discrimination is an indication of the sublime Jordanian views that have been mirrored over the past decades with regards to mutual respect demonstrated by various religious components, and calls for fighting takfirist thoughts and for combating extremism in all its forms and colors regardless of its sources.

He praised the Jordanian role that associates sweet sayings with good deeds, particularly when Jordan opened its doors wide, based on the directives of His Majesty the King, to accommodate displaced Iraqi Christian brethren who fled extremism and intolerance. He also noted that the churches in Jordan positively responded to His Majesty the King’s directives and have thus been working day and night providing all necessary services to the displaced brethren through Caritas Jordan and in collaboration with various public and private institutions.

Fr. Bader said that His Majesty King concluded his speech by calling for entrenching national unity, which is an impregnable bulwark that encounters calls for hatred, for elimination of other, for labeling others as infidels, and for viewing the difference in orientation as a source for dispute.

Fr. Bader continued that the churches in Jordan and the followers of Christianity are good citizens who work hand-in-hand with their brethren in citizenry sharing with them the same destiny. He continued that they solely as well as in association with their spiritual superiors and social institutions uphold and implement what His Majesty the King said that Jordan "will remain as it has always been a model of coexistence, compassion and solidarity among all its sons and daughters, Muslims and Christians.

May God Save the Jordan under the leadership of the Hashemite Monarchy.

Father Rif’at Bader
Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media

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