The experience of confession at Lourdes

Submitted by munir on Thu, 08/18/2022 - 13:57

Everyone who goes to confession, or rather seeking the divine mercy, by proceeding to the priests present at the Church of Pope Pius X, returns carrying a lit candle and puts it on the stairs of the temple.


Within five hours, the church was filled with lit candles which is a sign of pure hearts. One of the most impressive moments was when volunteers brought the sick on their wheelchairs or mobile beds to come forward from the confession. Some of them were unable to speak, yet their fervent desire and look sufficed to express the desire for purification during the week of pilgrimage in the holiest Marian shrines in French Lourdes. I was greatly touched while viewing for the first time members of our participating Jordanian delegation leading their sick brethren, while caring for their physical and spiritual well-being.


Indeed, they are moments abounding with splendor, not only for the penitents, but also for the priests who in turn proceeded to confession before the presence of the faithful, the pained, and the hopeful to the melodies of the wonderful French hymns.


Whoever comes to Lourdes as a pilgrim leaves later with a different feeling. There are numerous and officially visible miracles numbering 70, but there are as well invisible miracles that the Lord instills in human heart. They do not number 70 but rather 70 seven times.

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By Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader