Christ is risen... indeed, HE is risen

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Brothers... Sisters, on this blessed night, I do not want to be traditional in narrating the story of the resurrection. Rather, I find myself obligated to present the truth:



Throughout the ages, it has remained that the personality of Jesus Christ was the first person to occupy the minds of theologians and masters of philosophy... Those who disagreed with him and those who believed in him agreed that He is a real and eternal religious myth... For example:


* Voltaire said... Christ is the greatest philosopher known to human history.


*Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: How great is the righteousness of captivity and the depth of wisdom in his teachings, and what a splendor of his sayings.


* Napoleon Bonaparte said: Christ is a historical person, not a myth, and he is not just a symbol, and he always remains the highest model of religion that human thought can reach.



According to the first message of Peter, the resurrection of Lord Christ confirms to us two real benefits that express life: A living hope and a new life... The resurrection of Jesus was completely different, as he left behind the wraps of his heavy shroud, and rose to a new life after death, for his resurrection was a dimension. A new life, he will not die again, and thus his resurrection was the beginning of a new era.



Christ is the only human who passed from the face of the Earth and they believed that he died forever, but he rose from the dead, as he himself said in the Book of Revelation: “I was dead, but behold, I am alive forever and ever.”



In the first Corinthians A detailed report of many witnesses to the resurrection of Christ, as it was stated in the text, “Christ died for our sins according to what is in the book, and that he was buried, but he rose and appeared to Peter, then to James and to all twelve ... and according to the Acts of the Apostles, when Peter spoke to the Jews He said: O children of Israel, listen to this speech: Jesus of Nazareth is a man supported by God with miracles, wonders, and signs that He performed among you, do you not know? Yet, God allowed, according to His will and His foreknowledge that you seize Him, crucify Him, and kill Him, and this Jesus God raised him from death. And we are all witnesses, and he was raised to the right hand of God, and he took from the Father the promised Holy Spirit... and poured it out on us, and what you now see and hear is the result of that.



According to the Romans... the resurrection of Christ is still as strong to this day as it was at the time of its occurrence... By His Resurrection, we have been born again righteous by giving us the Holy Spirit... Jesus Christ was delivered to death for our transgressions and then raised for our justification... According to Peter, "Blessed be God, the Father of our Master Jesus Christ, who according to His mercy we are born again to a living hope in Christ's resurrection from the dead. Blessed are the believers wherever you are, and let us celebrate our blessed night... Christ is truly risen, and we are witnesses to that... BLESSINGS

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