Caritas Internationalis... a global Catholic approach to save humanity

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Caritas is a German word which means love. This word "Caritas" was borrowed to mark the establishment of the most noble charity and humanitarian institution in the world. It is Caritas Internationalis.


On December 12, 2021 Caritas Internationalis celebrated its 70th anniversary. It all started with just one man. From humble beginnings in Germany 1897, Lorenz Werthmann founded the first Caritas. The organization, named after a Latin word meaning love and compassion, grew to become one of the largest aid and development agencies in the world. In the 20th Century, Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI, laid the foundations for an international network. In 1954, Caritas Internationalis was officially recognized.


Seven decades have passed since the Constitutive Assembly of Caritas Internationalis met in Rome on December 12, 1951. At that time there were only 13 Caritas member organizations in the Confederation, while today there are 162. Its General Secretary Aloysius John has shed light on the importance of this anniversary and the challenges that encountered Caritas Confederation at the time of the pandemic. He said, "Caritas Internationalis was born as 'the caring and loving hand' of the Church to serve and promote the human person and, in particular, the poor, the marginalized, and the most vulnerable in society. During these 70 years, our Confederation has been guided by founding values such as the protection of human dignity, fundamental rights, and social justice."


Caritas Internationalis operates at present in 200 countries and territories, as well as continues to serve, defend and accompany the poor by responding to humanitarian emergencies, defending human dignity, and creating the necessary conditions for integral human development.


Whenever a crisis erupts anywhere in the world Caritas Internationalis steps in and helps provide all needed assistance that alleviate  the suffering of people,  as well help the poor and the marginalized. It acts in accordance with the message of love as dictated by the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ, who sowed the seeds of love and later germinated into Christian charity organizations.


Referring to Caritas Jordan, it was born in the wake of the terrible situation that emerged following the 1967 war which led to a state of poverty, disruption of normal life, and a state of instability. Since then, Caritas Jordan responded to the humanitarian needs of people fleeing the West Bank.


Caritas Jordan's message has all the time been dedicated to serving humans regardless of race, color, gender or religion. It continuously  conveys invaluable services by assisting the poor and needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas International  members to achieve the desired goals.


Caritas Jordan received several awards, among these awards is His Majesty King Abdullah's bestowal of  the Order of Al Istiqlal (Independence) of the first degree on Caritas Jordan in appreciation for its unstinting charity work and community service in the healthcare, education, youth, and in appreciation of its efforts to provide shelter for the forcibly displaced and refugees from Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, Caritas Jordan won the 2014 Caritas Award in Lucerne which confirms its high-standard performance at all times particularly at times of war.


Following the spread of Corona pandemic, Caritas Jordan provided ten medical beds, ten oxygen generators, as well as JD10,000 to the Jordanian Ministry of Health in support of the Jordanian government's efforts to eliminate the pandemic.


Caritas Jordan is a manifestation of Lord Jesus' message as He says in the Holy Bible: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."(John13:34-35)

Actually the message of love as enshrined in the message of Caritas Internationalis keeps all evil acts at bay including violence, hatred, and crimes. It opens new avenues for brotherly relations among all peoples on Earth so that the message of "Caritas" would continue to serve humanity in the best way by instilling an atmosphere of love since "God is love".


Best wishes go to Caritas Internationalis on its 70th anniversary with the hope that Caritas' message of love would overcome hate and ensure a better future for the entire humanity.

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