‘Whenever you are in dire situation, look for Caritas’

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Caritas is a manifestation of Lord Jesus' message as He says in the Holy Bible: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."(John13:34-35)


With the ongoing state of turmoil and conflagration between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian refugees keep saying, ‘Wherever you go, look for Caritas.’


With the outbreak of hostilities, Ukrainians have been displaced internally with multitudes of people forcing their way to neighboring countries and leaving behind everything including hopes and dreams for a better future.


These millions of homeless and desperate people need all kinds of help that can ensure them a decent life and meet all their daily needs. Under such harsh conditions, Caritas emerged as a sustainable and reliable source that can guarantee these people a normal life.


With Caritas exerting all means to support the homeless Ukrainians, Catholic priests in Ukraine have been telling people, "Look to Caritas for assistance, no matter to which country they flee."


Since the outbreak of the conflict, neighboring countries have been welcoming refugees and accommodating thousands of them. Caritas has over the time sought to meet their immediate needs, offering food aid, clothing, and helping them find suitable shelters.


It has been related that Catholic priests in Ukraine told people: “It doesn’t matter what country you are in, just look for Caritas.” With people viewing Caritas like “a star of dawn”, yet they never abandoned their faith as they have been repeatedly urged to “take the most powerful weapon in their arsenal and use it frequently, namely prayer.”


Since the beginning of the conflict, the two Ukrainian Caritas organizations, namely Caritas Ukraine and Caritas-Spes Ukraine have been at the side of the Ukrainian population, providing humanitarian assistance. All Caritas organizations in neighboring countries  including Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova have also all the time been committed to protecting vulnerable Ukrainian children who are suffering and are often targeted for human trafficking.


From the start of the war, Caritas-Spes and Caritas Ukraine--the Caritas arm of the Eastern Catholic dioceses--have assisted more than 1.22 million people through more than 50 local centers across the country. The assistance includes shelter and temporary housing, hot meals, medications, hygiene kits, recreational activities for children as well as psychological assistance for children, families and individuals.


Caritas Internationalis operates at present in 200 countries and territories, as well as continues to serve, defend and accompany the poor by responding to humanitarian emergencies, defending human dignity, and creating the necessary conditions for integral human development.


Whenever a crisis erupts anywhere in the world Caritas Internationalis steps in and helps provide all needed assistance that alleviate the suffering of people, as well help the poor and the marginalized. It acts in accordance with the message of love as dictated by the Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ, who sowed the seeds of love and later germinated into Christian charity organizations.


 Actually the message of love as enshrined in the message of Caritas Internationalis keeps all evil acts at bay including violence, hatred, and crimes. It opens new avenues for brotherly relations among all peoples on Earth so that the message of "Caritas" would continue to serve humanity in the best way by instilling an atmosphere of love since "God is love".


As for Caritas Jordan--which was born in the wake of the terrible situation that emerged following the 1967 war which led to a state of poverty, disruption of normal life, and a state of instability--it responded to the humanitarian needs of people fleeing the West Bank. It continuously conveys invaluable services by assisting the poor and the needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting the refugees and the displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas International members to achieve the desired goals.


It is important in this regard to convey best wishes to Caritas which has assiduously been operating to alleviate the suffering of humanity including wars and famine, in the hope that such divine deeds will direct world leaders and peoples to avoid wars and violence by reverting to all possible avenues that entrench love and help the world peoples live a life abounding with peace, equality, and dignity.

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By Munir Bayouk/ en.abouna.org