"A life dedicated to serving Lord Jesus"

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Dedicating one's life to serving Lord Jesus and His teachings that call for disseminating the message of love and peace is the ultimate objective of many people in the world. Yet, so many people strive to fulfill this mission while others fail.


The 99-year-old Emile Adams succeeded in fulfilling his dream of being close to the Lord and serving His sublime mission despite being advanced in age. His mission is worthy appreciation, contemplation, and emulation


The call to the diaconate didn't come until Adams was already in his 50s. This grand event took place when there was a deacon position open 40 years ago and the pastor at St. Bernadette in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles,recommended him for it at the time stating that he was the first person who came to mind.


Deacon Emile Adams is now 99-years-old. He is reputed to be the oldest active deacon in the country and what is important is that he can be counted on by his parish community. He positively reacted to the proposal hoping that through this service he would show his love to Lord Jesus and appreciated His sacrifice for humanity on the Cross.


 He served Holy Masses, made sandwiches for the homeless five days a week, and attended celebrating funerals and weddings.


With the emergence of COVID-19 that closed the doors of his church a year ago,  Deacon Adams continued assisting at Mass every Sunday and he has been leading rosary sessions and Stations of the Cross (during Lent) for parishioners via Zoom. He could not live in the past as he learned to keep going, he asserted.


What a great privilege is to serve Lord Jesus Christ! This complies with Lord Jesus' saying that "If any man serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there shall also My servant be. If any man serves Me, he will My Father honor. (John 12:26)


Actually serving the Lord is an honor. It’s a privilege. Blessed are those who have the privilege of being in a ministry. Serving the Lord implies loving Him with all that we are, by obeying, and enjoying Him forever.


Furthermore, serving the Lord is what we were made to do as His creatures. An important part of the Holy Bible is that in Jesus Christ we are privileged and delighted with this honor.



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