A Holy Bible verse that instills serenity in the weak human personality

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Since the start of life on Earth, humans worked assiduously to improve various aspects of life by inventing all needed facilities that make daily activities easy to run. Over the past years, scientists made huge achievements in all walks of life and made nonpareil progress in all fields. Among the major achievements attained was the field of medicine where research studies enables humans fight diseases and increase life expectancy.


Despite all notable achievements, which include sending spacecraft to the moon, the only issue that humans failed to counter is death. No matter how successful and efficacious humans are, they are simply weak. They are easily fallible and cannot face the various whirlpools of life despite the advanced stages they attained in various fields of life.


It has recently been reported that a sheriff in the US state of North Carolina named Jody Greene realized how week human nature is and admitted no matter how powerful one can be, one only needs Lord Jesus Christ Who is the source of our strength. Lord Jesus Christ healed the blind and the ill, freed people from the grip of Satan, multiplied bread and fish, stopped the wind, rose people for the dead, and He Himself rose from the dead to give life to all those who believe in Him.


Based on this realization, sheriff in the US state of North Carolina Jody Greene kept a Bible verse on a wall inside a government office which reads, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13) He was instructed to remove the Bible verse but he refused.


The Wisconsin-based "Freedom from Religion Foundation" wrote to the sheriff organization arguing that the verse is "exclusionary" and represents an "unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity". But Greene pushed back saying that the scripture was "very motivational" to him and his staff and announced he would not be taking it down. 


He said, "The verse is one of my favorite Bible verses, and it seemed fitting for all the adversity I have had to endure," he said. "Here at the sheriff's office, we work hard in everything that we do.  Before we execute a search warrant, or any service that puts our people in immediate harmful ways, we always go to the Lord with a group prayer. Always!" he added.


The sheriff said, "We need more Jesus and less politics… Just look at where our society is headed. It is time, past time, to stand up.  So let me be clear, I will not waiver on my stance and Christian beliefs.


Actually, with the advent of the new-year 2022, and while viewing the tragedies left over by the past year in particular it is important that we need more presence of Lord Jesus Christ in our lives bearing in mind that He can potently stave off all catastrophes plaguing humanity.


 The Holy Bible abounds with numerous verses that can instill peace, love, and harmony among people. This Holy Book, which was never corrupted, serves as the durable divine panacea that can heal the world from every form of corruption and eliminate all the mundane diseases which include famine, wars, diseases, and unemployment among others.


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