"Feel proud that you are a graduate of Bethlehem University"

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On Tuesday, 29 June 2021, and Thursday, 1 July 2021, Bethlehem University held the 45th graduation ceremonies conferring the degrees on 746 graduates.


The graduates were from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Education, the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, the Shukri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Science, as well as the Tarek Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences.


 Bethlehem University is a story of success and a nonpareil achievement by the Catholic Church. This university was established in 1973 to serve as a beacon of progress and enlightenment as it lit the dark and bleak nights of Bethlehem and neighboring areas through promoting higher education.


The city of Bethlehem exudes  the scent of holiness  in its capacity as the place where Lord Jesus Christ was born and showed  the faithful the path leading to the salvation of souls the one hand, and a city known for  introducing enlightenment and knowledge by establishing a modern university that provides higher education which helps ensure the new generations a hope for a better future on the other hand.


During the graduation ceremony, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem UniversityBrother Peter Bray said, “Since its inception in 1973, Bethlehem University has continued to develop its programs and expand its facilities. In 2023, Bethlehem University will celebrate its 50th Jubilee. Part of that celebration will be the full implementation of a comprehensive review that Bethlehem University started last year. This review will focus on matters related to finding better ways to serve the Palestinian youth through the majors offered and the best practices in teaching and learning, as well as research. We want our students to feel proud that they are graduates of Bethlehem University.”


As Brother Peter Bray wants students to feel proud that they are graduates of Bethlehem University, it is to be pointed out that under the difficult situations experienced in the Holy Land, Bethlehem University has made huge  and distinguished strides in the field of  higher education which makes all the graduates over the years feel extremely proud and convey gratitude to this young university that have brought hope to millions of people and crossed all borders with the accreditation of its various majors of specialization  that fight unemployment and restore confidence in a promising future. Over the years, itsgraduates have been serving humanity in the various parts of the world with records of successful achievements.


Going back in history, it is important to remember that Bethlehem University came into being in 1973 following the historic visit of Pope Paul VI to the Holy Land in 1964. The Pope’s visit had been a great boost to the local people as it stimulated religious fervor and Christian pride. The visit set the ground for the establishment of Bethlehem University which originated with the desire of Pope Paul VI to do something to help the local community.


Bethlehem University which has been serving the local community for 48 years, has over 400 faculty members and staff, a total of over 19,000 alumni and a current enrollment of over 3,500 students.


As Bethlehem University has been serving as an asset for Bethlehem and the local community while helping in the advancement of local communities, it is worthy to extend all kinds of help and support for the role it plays, particularly at the current critical time the Middle East region is going through, as it sets the bases for a bright future for the local population.


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By Munir Bayouk/ en.abouna.org