Angels: Numerology

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Numerology: What do they mean and what you should know about them?


Today, the world is influenced by technology. The world is becoming more and more digitized, with even mundane processes using electronic and digital components. The bulk of work is being automated, including mental processes.


In our quest to integrate with artificial intelligence in the future, we forget some systems were already in place long before we existed. One of these systems is numerology.


World is full of numeral values


As technological advancement continues, it's hard not to envision a digitalized world. Although it may shock you to learn that ancient civilizations already knew this concept.


Numerology is the ancient system of assigning values to all things based on their numerical value.


Every person has an angel number that is distributed throughout their whole being. Numerologists have used these numbers to analyze the figures of all men, creatures, and things to determine how they interact with each other.


The number system works like an equation of the world’s ecosystem. It also tells us what places, people, or activities would best combine our digits in order to attain the highest possible equation.


How can you benefit from numerology?


Even inanimate entities, like businesses, are assigned a number. The name by which the entrepreneur presents his business can set him apart from his competitors.


Before naming a business, the proprietor must consider its character, mission statement, and core objectives as well as the numerology of vowels and consonants.


Each letter in your business is destined to make up your personality, your life path, and even what persona your business will take on. A = 1, B = 2, I = 9, and J = 1, etc.


Adding whole numbers will result in one digit. The consonants and vowels, or all the letters, are computed according to what you want to know about the business.


Six is a number symbolic of honesty and emotion. It may be an appropriate number for a service-oriented business. Meanwhile, numerology experts believe numbers 5 (find out what 555 means), or 7 symbolizes good luck and fortune. Thus, companies like STARR and CNVERGE are intentionally omitting letters.


Its importance in your life and relationship


One’s life path number is derived by computing the birth date of a person and is one of the most essential aspects of numerology. By using this number and comparing it to our own we can determine the strength or weakness of our relationship.


People with the life path number 3 and 7 are encouraged by one another, which leads to a positive and balanced relationship where certain aspects can be managed better.


Did you know that global issues like pandemics and climate change are merely events that occur from a larger structure? Could these events be telling us just how fast we’ve been going?


Meanwhile, some critics of numerology state that it is just a waste of time. However, it is the time that we spend determining what is best for us that lets us know who we are.


Often, a fast and automated pace brings us to distant places that may not be the best for us. The best rhythm is usually one of slowness, smoothness, and sureness.

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